Also known as thermo-shrink layers or labels; they are perfect for all types of packaging (Pet, PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene, glass or metal containers) thanks to its adaptability they fit the container shape, even if it is not uniform. These sleeves are frequently used in beverages like water, juices, energizing and fizzy drinkings, also aloe and flavored drinkings, and other foods such as caramel, yoghurts or powders; finally, they are also used in products such as liquid detergents, dishes detergent creams, paints, sprays, etc.





The thermo-shrink are not only used for direct identification on product packaging, but also for special offers packaging.

Covers are provided in PVC and PET materials, in digital or flexo printing, according to required amount.




Safety bands (seals or tops) are normally used with the purpose to protect the contents and ensure the final customer or consumer has a quality product without modifications or missing parts. Besides, small generic or colorful customized amounts are supplied.


Thermo Shrink Bands Ensures That The Consumer Obtains A Product Without Alterations InkartPack
Thermo Shrink Sleeves Adaptable Materials To Any Container And Need InkartPack
Versatility In Its Use For All Industry InkartPack
Thermo Shrink Sleeves Inkart Pack Versatility And Efficiency